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We listen to you, analyze your goals and work with you to develop films that stay in your head. We gather the necessary information, create the right style and find the perfect answers. That's how we create the right film for your company.

Film Production
Film Production

We focus on the creation of high-quality films for a wide range of audiences and applications. True to the concept, we create all the necessary documents from the script to the storyboard and assemble the perfect team for a smooth implementation.


Compositing, green screen, animation and visual effects (VFX for short). There is hardly a better way to incorporate complicated facts into a film than through animation or visual effects. Whether 2D or 3D animations. We create your 3D animation film - as unique as your product.


Our documentaries are authentic, real recorded and told stories. The goal is to portray people and/or actions in a natural action as well as environment. This can be events or the history of a company in the form of an anniversary film.

We take care of format development and creation of videos for social media presences. More and more companies are using entertaining short videos and promotional videos for marketing purposes to place themselves in users' watch lists.

We offer specific content preparation of interview films. The interview provides an opportunity to link the topics of conversation to a broader context. Exhibition accompanying portraits, film biographies and video podcast for institutions, corporate and cultural facilities.

Educational and tutorial videos are a perfect tool for internal as well as external viewers. The important questions are: what is the video intended to achieve? Is the objective to inspire the viewers, to convince them, to refresh knowledge or to introduce something new?

Dramatize the stage action with a cinematic opener. Record conversations or presentations. Get people in the mood for an event with a short clip on the Internet. All this and much more are the areas of application where film and event complement each other perfectly.

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We are dedicated to translating your vision into exceptional, compelling video that delivers measurable results. We nourish the integration of the strategic logistics of the left brain with the creative vision of the right brain. We value the relationships with our clients and their organizations.

We create many types of videos. From 3D-animated to corporate videos as well as educational films, he have you covered! With our corporate video production division, we work towards helping you humanize your brand, making your clients relate to your business better. No bullshit bingo included. This page should answer many of your questions; however, if you have additional ones, please do not hesitate to reach out to us! We look forward to hearing from you.

We have a knack for visualizing complicated technology and processes so realistically that everyone understands them. Our 3D artists have the technique and patience to translate processes truthfully. The results often leave us and our clients amazed.

In addition to our 3D animation department, we also have a real film production department. This department produces image, as well as product and interview-based documentaries.

We are booked for various reasons. For us, one of the most important thing is to create a positive working atmosphere together with our clients, in which everyone feels comfortable and thus the best results are achieved.

Here are the basic steps of each film production:

1. Project development

The first step involves researching and developing a film idea. Basic requirements as well as goals are recorded during the research. A short briefing and coordination within the company is also part of the research. It is also helpful to find out about the market situation and the competition in order to be able to define the desired positioning.

2. Pre-production

Pre-production deals with the exact implementation of the shooting, i.e. everything is planned down to the last detail. This is a big point especially for the cost planning.

3. Film shooting

A studio is advantageous for image or advertising films. Otherwise, footage can also be shot at the customer's premises, in offices or workshops.
 Films need music. The best and also the most expensive option is to produce it yourself.
 Another option, of course, is to buy music rights. If you want to get away with low costs, you can use GEMA-free music.

4. Post-production

Video editing, color correction, sound editing and more. Post-production is responsible for all of this.
 In post-production, the raw footage is layered and based on the storyboard, the raw footage is put together.
 In video editing, transitions are adjusted, post-edited and timing is optimized. 
In color correction, the colors of the film are played with. Depending on taste and product type, changes are made here. 
In sound editing, the sound is adjusted in the overall picture. In addition, sound effects can also be used specifically.

5. Presentation

When all the points have been worked through, the film is ready for presentation.
 The client then has the option to download their movie via a cloud address (this is the most common method).

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